Chapter 21 (Facilitation of Elimination)

Answer Key to Chapter 21 Learning Activities

    1. Deflate the balloon, ensure flow of urine, advance the catheter, and attempt reinflation.
    2. Utilize assistant to help with positioning and holding. Manipulation of the left leg should only occur, and additional personnel may be needed to assist in holding, providing light source, and retracting skin as needed.
    3. The patient should be encouraged to verbalize feelings related to the colostomy. Body image issues can be a significant concern with new stoma creation. The nurse should ensure that the patient is allowed to voice their feelings, while also reinforcing the measures required to provide care. Education regarding colostomy management can aid in empowerment and facilitate the beginning of normalization. Additionally, it can be helpful to provide guidance on measures for dress to accommodate the colostomy.
    4. C – Straight catheter
    5. C – Document the assessment findings of the stoma.
    6. A – “I should plan to replace the pouch system every 8-10 days.”

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