4.9 Asepsis Learning Activities

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Learning Activities

(Answers to “Learning Activities” can be found in the “Answer Key” at the end of the book.  Answers to interactive activity elements will be provided within the element as immediate feedback.)

You are caring for an elderly male patient who is experiencing urinary retention. The provider has just ordered an intermittent catheterization for the patient based on the results of a recent bladder scan of 375 mL. You gather the equipment and enter the patient’s room. Based on the five moments of hand hygiene, describe the instances in which you will sanitize your hands when working with the patient and performing the intermittent catheterization.

Based upon the information provided, which clinical scenarios require the use of soap and water (versus alcohol-based hand scrubs) for proper hand sanitization?

  1. Entry into patient’s room with no contact precautions
  2. Patient on Clostridium Difficile (C-Diff) contact precautions
  3. Prior to Foley catheter insertion for a patient with no contact precautions
  4. Hands are visibly soiled


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