16.4 Learning Activities

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Learning Activities

(Answers to  “Learning Activities” can be found in the  “Answer Key” at the end of the book. Answers to interactive activity elements will be provided within the elements as immediate feedback.)

1. You are caring for an elderly patient who is complaining of pain, severe nausea, and who has difficulty swallowing. In addition to intravenous medication administration, what route of medication delivery might be beneficial for this patient? Please provide rationale for your selection.

2. Which of the following transdermal medication administration actions are correct? (Select all that apply).

  1. The nurse may apply heat to all medication patches to help aid absorption of the medication.
  2. When placing a patch, the nurse should press the patch firmly to the skin to ensure adequate adherence.
  3. Gloves are required for patch application and removal.
  4. Transdermal patches may be placed directly into the trash.
  5. Date and location of patch application should be promptly documented in the medication administration record (MAR).
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