4.6 Checklist for Hand Hygiene With Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer

Use the checklist below to review the steps for completion of “Hand Hygiene With Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizer.”


Disclaimer: Always review and follow agency policy regarding this specific skill.

  1. Gather supplies (antiseptic hand rub).
  2. Remove jewelry according to agency policy; push your sleeves above your wrists.
  3. Apply enough product into the palm of one hand and enough to cover your hands thoroughly, per product directions.
  4. Rub your hands together, covering all surfaces of your hands and fingers with antiseptic until the alcohol is dry (a minimum of 20-30 seconds):
    • Rub hands palm to palm
    • Back of right and left hand (fingers interlaced)
    • Palm to palm with fingers interlaced
    • Rotational rubbing of left and right thumbs
    • Rub your fingertips against the palm of your opposite hand
    • Rub your wrists
  5. Repeat hand sanitizing sequence a minimum of two times.
  6. Repeat hand sanitizing sequence until the product is dry.


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