Chapter 15 (Administration of Enteral Medications)

Answer Key to Chapter 15 Learning Activities

  1. Dimensional Analysis:

        \[\frac{750~mg}{x~mL}~x~\frac{1~g}{1000~mg}~x~\frac{8~mL}{2~g}~=~\frac{6000}{2000}~=~{3~mL} \]

    Ratio Proportion:

        \[ \frac{750~mg}{X~mL}~=~\frac{2000~mg}{ 8~mL} \]

        \[ {750~mg}~x~{8~mL}~=~{2000~mg}~x~{X~mL} \]

        \[ \frac{6000~mg}{mL}~=~{2000~mg}~x~{X~mL} \]

        \[ \frac{6000~\cancel{mg}~mL}{2000~\cancel{mg}}~=~{X~mL} \]

        \[ 3~mL~=~X~mL \]

  2. If an incorrect medication is given, the nurse should promptly take the following actions:
    • Assess the patient given the wrong medication. Assess for adverse effects related to the error.
    • Notify the nurse manager/primary care provider regarding the medication error.
    • Discuss the course of action to be taken.
    • Implement action and continue to monitor the patient for signs of complication or change in condition.
    • Report the incident via institution policy.

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