Chapter 2 (Communication)

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Answer Key to Chapter 2 Learning Activities

2. It is important to take action to limit the distractions within the environment when communicating with Mr. Curtis. Upon entry into the room, introductions, and initial building of rapport, it would be helpful to identify a few key family members who might contribute to the admission history, provided that Mr. Curtis consents to discuss admission details in front of family members who are present. Other family members should be excused from the room for a short period of time while the admission history is conducted to maintain privacy and reduce distractions. Other factors to consider include limitation to noise distraction within the environment. For example, closing the door to the hallway and turning off the television may be helpful. If Mr. Curtis uses any assistive devices, such as hearing aids or eye glasses, these should also be encouraged. Finally, it is important that the nurse consider therapeutic strategies to enhance communication. Sitting across from Mr. Curtis, making eye contact, and creating an open, approachable, non-hurried demeanor can help to facilitate the information exchange.

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