Chapter 1 (Scope of Practice)

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Answer Key to Chapter 1 Learning Activities

  1. When given instruction to titrate medications independently, the nursing student should recognize that this is outside of their scope of practice and training. The nursing student should inform the nurse that within the student role, they are not able to complete this action because it is outside of their practice scope. The nursing student should also report this instruction promptly to their instructor so that appropriate follow-up can be taken with the nurse regarding re-education and review of the principles of safe delegation.
  2. It is important to acknowledge that the conversation that is occurring in the breakroom is a violation of HIPAA. If a staff member is not involved in patient care, disclosure of patient care information is a violation of patient privacy and confidential health information. It is important to voice one’s concern regarding the disclosure of private health information and remind all staff of the importance of adherence to HIPAA requirements within a health care setting.

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