4.1 Nursing Process Introduction

Open Resources for Nursing (Open RN)

Learning Objectives

  • Use the nursing process to provide patient care
  • Identify nursing diagnoses from evidence-based sources
  • Describe the development of a care plan
  • Prioritize patient care
  • Describe documentation for each step of the nursing process
  • Differentiate between the role of the PN and RN

Have you ever wondered how a nurse can receive a quick handoff report from another nurse and immediately begin providing care for a patient they previously knew nothing about? How do they know what to do? How do they prioritize and make a plan?

Nurses do this activity every shift. They know how to find pertinent information and use the nursing process as a critical thinking model to guide patient care. The nursing process becomes a road map for the actions and interventions that nurses implement to optimize their patients’ well-being and health. This chapter will explain how to use the as standards of professional nursing practice to provide safe, patient-centered care.


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