7.1 Introduction to Demonstrate Reporting and Documentation of Client Data

Learning Objectives

  • Measure temperature, pulse, and respiration
  • Measure weight and height
  • Recognize normal and abnormal blood pressure readings
  • Identify normal and abnormal vital signs
  • Measure intake and output
  • Document client data
  • Prioritize the reporting of data
  • Recognize signs of client discomfort

Nursing assistants collect and document client data such as vital signs, height, weight, intake, and output. While performing cares and collecting data, nursing assistants spend a lot of time with residents and may observe subtle changes in behavior, mood, mobility, and cognition, as well as signs of discomfort. They report these observations promptly to nurses to ensure safe, quality, holistic care. This chapter will discuss collection of this data, as well as prioritization of data that should be immediately reported to the nurse.


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