2.1 Introduction to Demonstrate Professionalism in the Workplace

Learning Objectives

  • Function within and uphold the ethical and legal responsibilities of the nursing assistant
  • Carry out assignments
  • Develop job-seeking and keeping skills
  • Protect rights of clients
  • Treat all clients respectfully regardless of social, ethnic, or religious background
  • Apply strategies to cope with caregiver stress
  • Differentiate the nursing assistant role in a variety of health care settings

In this chapter you will learn about professional responsibilities associated with becoming a licensed nursing assistant. Resident rights are at the forefront of providing care to ensure quality of life for dependent individuals. You will become familiar with the agencies involved in regulation of long-term care, legislative acts that uphold resident rights, and the nursing assistant scope of practice. You will gain awareness about your role within the health care team, the facility, and the nursing process, as well as the variety of health care settings in which you may work as a nursing assistant.


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