5.11 Skills Checklist: Shower

  1. Gather Supplies: Soap, shampoo and conditioner if used, lotion, two washcloths, several towels, barrier, gloves, clean clothes or gown, and linen bag or hamper
  2. Routine Pre-Procedure Steps:
    • Knock on the resident’s door.
    • Perform hand hygiene.
    • Maintain respectful, courteous, and professional communication at all times.
    • Introduce yourself and identify the resident.
    • Provide for privacy.
    • Explain the procedure to the resident.
  3. Procedure Steps:
    • Assist the resident to the shower per facility protocol. See the “Considerations During Bathing” subsection in this chapter and implement comfort measures. Keep the resident covered as long as possible and have the resident test the water temperature on their fingers. Repeatedly check the water temperature throughout the shower.
    • Put on gloves.
    • Wet a washcloth and wash the face without soap.
    • Put soap on the washcloth and wash the resident, starting with their upper body and then their legs.
    • Lift any skin-on-skin areas and wash gently with soap.
    • Wash the front of the perineal area.
    • Reach through the bottom of the shower chair and wash the rectal area from front to back.
    • Remove the gloves, turning them inside out.
    • Perform hand hygiene.
    • Put on clean gloves.
    • Rinse the resident starting with the upper body, followed by the legs, front perineal area, and rectal area.
    • Change the gloves and perform hand hygiene if the perineal area was touched during rinsing.
    • Turn off the water and place warm towels to cover the resident
    • Pat dry.
    • Ask the resident if they would like lotion. If applying lotion, wear gloves.
    • Assist the resident to put on a clean gown or clothes, keeping a dry towel over the back of the shower chair and avoiding getting the gown or clothes wet.
    • Place nonskid footwear on the client.
    • Assist the resident to stand per their care plan.
    • Dry the back of their legs
    • Dry the perineal area from front to back
    • Finish putting on clothes.
    • Assist the resident to a wheelchair or other preferred surface, changing gloves and performing hand hygiene as soon as the resident is safely seated.
    • Place all linens and soiled gown or clothing in a linen bag or designated hamper.
    • Sanitize the shower chair per facility policy.
    • Remove the gloves, turning them inside out.
  4. Post-Procedure Steps:
    • Perform hand hygiene.
    • Check for resident comfort and ask if anything else is needed.
    • Be sure the bed is low and locked. Check the brakes.
    • Place the call light or signaling device within reach of the resident.
    • Open the door and privacy curtain.
    • Perform hand hygiene.
    • Document and report any skin issues or changes noted with the resident.


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