5.14 Skills Checklist: Foot Care

  1. Gather Supplies: Basin, warm water, soap, lotion, two washcloths, one towel, barrier, gloves, and linen bag or hamper
  2. Routine Pre-Procedure Steps:
    • Knock on the resident’s door.
    • Perform hand hygiene.
    • Maintain respectful, courteous, and professional communication at all times.
    • Introduce yourself and identify the resident.
    • Provide for privacy.
    • Explain the procedure to the resident.
  3. Procedure Steps:
    • Put on gloves.
    • Fill a foot basin with warm water and place it on a flat surface with a barrier underneath. Have the resident check the water temperature by placing their hand in the basin or putting a wet washcloth on the back of their hand.
    • Remove their socks.
    • Immerse their feet in warm water for 5 to 20 minutes.
    • Use water and a soapy washcloth.
    • Wash each foot and between the toes.
    • Rinse the entire foot with the wet washcloth, including between the toes.
    • Dry the foot thoroughly, including between the toes.
    • Ask the resident if they would like lotion. If applying lotion, wear gloves.
    • Massage the lotion over the foot but avoid applying any lotion between the toes.
    • Wipe off any excess lotion with a dry towel.
    • Replace the socks or preferred footwear.
    • While wearing gloves, empty the equipment.
    • Rinse the equipment.
    • Dry the basin.
    • Return the equipment to storage.
    • Dispose of soiled linen in a designated laundry hamper.
    • Remove the gloves, turning them inside out.
  4. Post-Procedure Steps:
    • Perform hand hygiene.
    • Check for resident comfort and ask if anything else is needed.
    • Ensure the bed is low and locked. Check the brakes.
    • Place the call light or signaling device within reach of the resident.
    • Open the door and privacy curtain.
    • Perform hand hygiene.
    • Document and report any skin or nail issues or changes noted with the resident.

View a YouTube video[1] of an instructor demonstrating foot care:


  1. Chippewa Valley Technical College. (2022, December 3). Foot Care. [Video]. YouTube. Video licensed under CC BY 4.0https://youtu.be/gQekzAPHKGY


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