This is an open educational resource with CC-BY licensing. It has been developed specifically for prelicensure nursing students preparing to graduate and take the NCLEX-RN to obtain their nursing license. Content is based on the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) statewide nursing curriculum for the Nursing Management and Professional Concepts course (543-114), the 2019 NCLEX-RN Test Plan,[1] and the Wisconsin Nurse Practice Act.[2]

This book introduces concepts related to nursing leadership and management, prioritization strategies, delegation and supervision, legal implications of nursing practice, ethical nursing practice, collaboration within the interprofessional team, health care economics, quality and evidence-based practice, advocacy, preparation for the RN role, and the avoidance of burnout with self-care. Several online, interactive learning activities are included in each chapter that encourage application of content to patient-care situations. Additionally, the Appendix includes a “suite of patients” with suggested prompts for classroom discussion to assist students in applying concepts from the book to real patient-care situations.

The e-book is free and can be viewed online or downloaded as a PDF or other formats for offline use. Affordable print versions are also published in collaboration with XanEdu and are available on Amazon and in college bookstores.

The following video provides a quick overview of how to navigate the online version.

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  2. Wisconsin State Legislature. (2018). Chapter 6: Standards of practice for registered nurses and licensed practical nurses. Board of Nursing.


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