3.6 Spotlight Application

You are an RN and are reporting to work on a 16-bed medical/renal unit in a county hospital for the 0700 – 1500 shift today. The client population is primarily socioeconomically disadvantaged. Staff for the shift includes four RNs, one LPN/VN, and two AP.

You are a new RN graduate on the unit, and your orientation was completed two weeks ago. The LPN/VN has been working on the unit for ten years. Both AP have been on the unit for six months and are certified nursing assistants after completing basic nurse aide training. You, as one of four RNs on the unit, have been assigned four clients. You share the LPN with the other RNs, and there is one AP for every two RNs.

The charge nurse has assigned you the following four clients. Scheduled morning medications are due at 0800 and all four require some assistance with their ADLs.

  • Client A: An obese 52-year-old male with hypertension and diabetes requiring insulin therapy. He has been depressed since recently being diagnosed with end-stage renal disease requiring hemodialysis. He needs his morning medications and assistance getting dressed for transport to hemodialysis in 30 minutes.
  • Client B: A 83-year-old female client with acute pyelonephritis admitted two days ago. She has a PICC line in place and is receiving IV vancomycin every 12 hours. The next dose is due at 0830 after a trough level is drawn.
  • Client C: A 78-year-old male recently diagnosed with bladder cancer. He has bright red urine today but reports it is painless. He has surgery scheduled at 0900 and the pre-op checklist has not yet been completed.
  • Client D: A malnourished 80-year-old male client admitted with dehydration and imbalanced electrolyte levels. He is being discharged home today and requires patient education.

Reflective Questions

  1. At the start of the shift, you determine which tasks, cares, activities, and/or procedures you will delegate to the LPN and AP. What factors must you consider prior to delegation?
  2. What tasks will you delegate to the LPN/VN?
  3. What tasks will you delegate to the AP?


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