3.7 Learning Activities

Learning Activities

(Answers to “Learning Activities” can be found in the “Answer Key” at the end of the book.  Answers to interactive activities are provided as immediate feedback.)

1. Review the following case studies regarding nurse liability associated with inappropriate delegation:

Reflective Questions: What delegation errors occurred in each of these scenarios and what were the repercussions of these errors for the nurses involved?

2. The RN is delegating tasks to the LPN/VN and AP on a medical-surgical unit. Using the columns as reference, indicate where delegation errors occurred using the 5 Rs of delegation.

  Right Person Right Task Right Circumstance Right Direction and Communication Right Supervision and Evaluation
Directs the AP to assess the pain level of a client who is post-op Day 3 after a hip replacement and report back the finding.          
Directs the LPN to give 1 mg IV push morphine to a patient who is 2-hours post total left knee replacement and ensure documentation.          
Assigns the AP to collect blood pressures on all clients on the unit by 0800. Assumes the AP will report back any abnormal blood pressures.          
Directs a new AP to ambulate a patient who is post-op Day 2 from a shoulder replacement who needs the assistance of one person and an adaptive walker. The AP voices concerns about never having used an adaptive walker before. The RN directs the AP to get another AP to help.          


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